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May 19, 2010 at 05:13 PM

Hi, I'm new, How do I script?


I am new to SAP, have been trying to understand it for a while, finally got into it at my job, but I don't know how to write scripts for SAP. I am a beginner, so I don't even know what the different pages/tables/forms are called, but I am an old hand at VBS with excel and access, as well as general computing.

I don't really have access to change anything within SAP that I know of as far as adding fields to the database or forms or changing the way anything looks or operates, but I am trying to make up for my lack of customizability by using scripting. I can make VBS do things in Excel with the data we use, and even prepare it to just be pasted into SAP forms, lists, etc. I have reached a certain limitation though, and that is SAP does not use standard "separate window" processes, and not everything is hotkeyed. I have no way with sendkeys to mark specific rows in task lists, and no way to make it hit the yes button on editing several long texts in a row (sometimes the auto-focus on yes does not activate, otherwise I could just use enter).

I need to know how to get information about customizing my gui with scripting that is native to SAP and integrating the VBS from Excel and Wshell with SAP scripting. Any "SAP scripting for dummies" books that start at a level of a person who has never even seen SAP would be excellent. Tutorial threads and such on here are also welcome.

I am so new to SAP i can't even really tell you what program I am using.

Under system>status>

The pertinent things I see:

SAP data:



SAP System data:

Component version:


Database data:

Database system:



Anything you can tell me about retrieving data from the database, customizing the actions of SAP through scripting, even a list of valid hotkeys for each type of screen/form/tables/pages, would be miraculously helpful.

Anything you can tell me about which program I am using, shortcuts to useful forums pertaining to this program, etc, would also be helpful beyond belief.

Please be gentle, I am new here and I am aware that I may anger the locals by asking such a basic question, or may have posted this in the wrong spot, etc, and I apologize in advance for any transgression.

Thanks for reading!