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May 19, 2010 at 08:09 AM

I want the Debit memo requests to be deleted


Dear All,

Some of the SWO's ( Service work orders) were archived. But, the related DMR (Debit Memo Request) is still in Being Processed status.. Now the business wants those DMR's to be deleted from the Production as they are so aged and not required for the daily activities..

I have tried to delete the DMR's in the transaction code VA02 directly in the menu bar. But, its throwing an error message saying " ORDER DOESNT EXIST". There is a list of 89 records that i am supposed to delete. For some of these, invoicing was done and for some invoicing was cancelled also.. For some Invoicing was not done at all..

So, can anyone please suggest me a method so that i can get rid off this issue and can delete those DMR's?