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May 19, 2010 at 04:37 AM

providing dependency



I have a working set up in system 1.

I created SWC with the same name as in system1 inside system 2 and created a dependency on SCM BASIS and then imported the SWC from SLD.

No problems found till this step as there SWC got imported to IR with Basis objects.

When I imported the IR objects of system1, it created a duplicate swcv with the same name and with the custom objects developped earlier ( and without a basis tab)

Ideally, it sohuld create the new objects ( name spaces ) under the swcv1 of which is already imported from SLD after providing dependency to it. But it did not happen

Now I can see the SWC with duplicate swcv as follows:

SWC of

swcv1 of

>Basis objects

swcv1 of

>custom dev objects ( imported from system 1)

Can someone please advice how to sync up this so that swcv1 of will have both Basis objects and custom developped objects?

Thanks in advance.