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May 18, 2010 at 07:22 PM

BPC Functions: OsCLD, EvBNV & EvDNV not working in V 7.0.113 M


SAP BPC 7.0.113 Microsoft (SQL Server 2008)

SAP BPC Function OsCLD:

Syntax as shown in SAP BPC Help: OsCLD(Application, FileName, Team, Type, Target window)

When I enter the following syntax: u201C=OSCLD("FINANCEII","GA Report & Template SURVEY.docx","AdminTeam","Word Docs",2)u201D

A hyperlink result is shown in a Wingdings 2 font. When I click on the hyperlink, nothing happens.

Why does it display in Wingdings 2 Font? Why Doesn't this work?

I have tried linking the above with Excelu2019s Hyperlink function as follows:

=HYPERLINK(OSCLD("FINANCEII","GA Report & Template SURVEY.docx","AdminTeam","Word Docs",2),"SurveyDoc")

When I click the hyperlink, I receive a Microsoft Office Excel Security Notice dialog box indicating that his location may be unsafe. Listing a Javascript and indicating that Hyperlinks may be harmful. When I click Yes (to proceed), nothing happens.

I am also experiencing similar results for EvBNV & EvDNV. Can you please advise me why these functions are not functioning as advertised.

SAP BPC Function EvBNV:

Syntax: EvBNV(Application, Book name,Section name,Report name,TargetWindow,Member1,Member2...Membern)

***FYI: The syntax line in the help file was never changed From "EvBLK" To: EvBNV*

SAP BPC Function EvDNV:

Syntax: EvDNV (Application, Document type, SubType, Description, Start date, End date, Sort field, Ascending order, Target window, Member1,..,Member10)