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Former Member
May 18, 2010 at 03:35 PM

Multiple documents for PA


Dear SAP Gurus,

There is requirement to generate multiple COPA documents while settling 1 Internal order.

For example 1 Internal order is generated for 1 case. 1 case can have 2 departments,2 doctors and services.

For example 1 case :

Patient admitted for ENT and service1 rendered to him. Hospital receives revenue 100 kwd. Doctor A attended him

Now he got operated and sent to OT department , service 2 renedered to him. Doctor B was surgeon. Revenue 200 kwd

At case level we are getting 300 kwd as total revenue. But requirement is to have revenue per doctor,service and department

Here Doctor A, service 1, ENT will 1 Profitability segment and Value field shall have 200 kwd

Doctor B, service 2, OT will 2 Profitability segment and Value field shall have 100 kwd

Is it possible to achieve this in SAP. Please adv.

Thanks a Ton