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Jan 18, 2019 at 03:42 PM

SSIS jobs to BODS Conversion

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Hello All!

I am working on a project to convert existing SSIS codes to BODS Jobs. As I understand, BODS cannot run T-SQL or PL/SQL scripts but SSIS uses them. Can you please help me in understanding how do I convert them in BODS? For instance, this is the SSIS script block :

declare @Has_BillingTrans_PO_NoMatch bit

if exists (

select * from [dbo].[edw_mdm_log] where Issue_Type = 'BillingTrans_PolicyNumber_NoMatch' and cast (Log_CreateTime as date) = cast(getdate() as date)



set @Has_BillingTrans_PO_NoMatch = 1

select @Has_BillingTrans_PO_NoMatch as Has_BillingTrans_PO_NoMatch




set @Has_BillingTrans_PO_NoMatch = 0

select @Has_BillingTrans_PO_NoMatch as Has_BillingTrans_PO_NoMatch


How can I implement it in BODS?

Any help would be appreciable. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your response Dirk Venken