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May 18, 2010 at 07:36 AM

Accural GL in Billing


Dear Gurus,

I have a condition type in pricing procedure for accrual. Means the value of this condition type will not be part of Net or Tax but going to the specific GL. So in that condition type configuration page I mark it as Accural in control data, and mark this condition type statistical and assign GL. By doing this the value will not be part of Net or Tax.

I assign the account key in pricing procedure in "Accural column" instead of ACCK. and in GL determination assign the same in GL in Provision acc.

This is the maximum configuration I can know for htis scenario.

But when post the invoice system give hte message "Error in Account Determination" with out any further detail. Message No VF051.

Looking forward for your feedback to resolve the issue.