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May 18, 2010 at 06:07 AM

Unable to calculate depreciation for 2008


Hi friends,

I would like to calculate depreciation for the fiscal year 2008.This is client requirement.He calculated depreciation 2008 and period-1.When he tried to execute depreciation for 2nd period he is getting problem

"Not all the documents in the last posting run were posted"

Message no. AA 729


The posting session created in the last posting run was not completely

processed. The last posting run was in fiscal year 2008, period 001,

current number 01. A new posting run is only possible once the posting

session has been processed completely.


Process the session created by the last posting run again. If this

session no longer exists, you can create a new posting session that

contains the missing posting documents. This function is found in the

menu under "Recreate session." However, it is essential that no changes

have been made in the meantime to the Customizing definition of the

document number range.

After that i have analysed this situation. When i check TABA Table system showing document numbers are updated but document posted indicator X is not showing.

I have also checked FI documents it is not showing.

I have tried to recreate session but my problem has not been solved.

I found one SAP Note : 926062 - Errors AU265 or AA729 during RAJABS00 OR RABUCH00.It is the consulting issue.

Can anybody help me out resolve this situation and how can calculate depreciation ?

Thanks in Advance .