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May 18, 2010 at 12:04 AM

DlLoadLib .../ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64


Hi Ineed your help !

The source system:

It is an SAP R/3 4.6C with SAP Kernel 46D_EXT 64 BIT NU, patch level 2337.

The platform is Oracle 10g ( on Linux Red Hat EL 4.5 with LinuxKernel 2.6.9-34.ELsmp (x86_64).The SID is PRD.

The target system:

It is a Red Hat Linux 5.4 with Linux Kernel 2.6.18-164.15.1.el5 (x86_64).

The SID is DEV.

The System Copy is based on SAP R/3 4.6C SR2 with SAP Kernel STACK 64 BIT

UN 4.6D_EXT with patch level 2500. Oracle 10g (

The modality of the System Copy is to R3COPY (Backup/Restore).


The documentation used:

SAP Guides:

R/3 Installation on UNIX: Oracle Database - Release 4.6C SR2 (Mat #51013680)

SAP R/3 Homogeneous System Copy - UNIX Windows OS/390 OS/400 - Release

4.6C SR2 (Mat #51013678)

SAP Notes:

389530 - INST: R/3 4.6C SR2 - Homogeneous System Copy

816145 - Installation 4.6C SR2 on Linux x86_64 with Oracle

946141 - Inst. SAP Systems on UX/Oracle 10.2 with R3SETUP

939406 - System Copy 4.0B - 4.6C to Linux x86_64

980981 - SysCopy: SAP Systems with EXT Kernel & Oracle 10.2 (R3SETUP)

788770 - Linux: R3SETUP - CALCRAM_IND_IND Phase fails


The assembly of the kernel and the directory of installation, I made

according to notes 816145 and 946141.


  1. In the source I ran:



- (a) Source system: Generating the script CONTROL.SQL

- (b) Source system: Forcing necessary log switches before backup

I took backup offline.