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May 17, 2010 at 03:48 PM

EvDRE Error After Change in Member Access Profile


Dear all,

We are working with a forecasting solution in BPC. Our application has dimensions Entity and InterCompany (1:1 relationship between entity and intercompany). The security requirement is two-folds: 1) An user from an entity should only be able to enter data for his own entity; 2) An user from an entity should not be able to enter data for the intercompany entity corresponding to his entity. We have implemented the same logic using Member Acess Profiles. Today, we noticed a certain conflict with some of the input schedules and the member access profiles; the memberset of intercompany dimension required by the input schedules were in contradiction with the Member Access Profiles. We modified the member access profiles to incorporate the changes. Since then on, the input schedules with intercompany dimension are running into an error saying: "EvDRE encountered an error while retrieving the data from Web Server". The log displays an error: "91-Object variable or with block variable not set". We are simply at a loss to understand how a simple member access profile change could affect the EvDRE in such a way. And the worst part is, the error is appearing for even the users to whom the MAP is not assigned. We have tried refreshing dimension member, and resetting local user information from eTools menu, but with no effect. Anybody has encountered such a weird problem or know any solutions to this kind of a problem? Can this be a problem where the Member Access Profile information has been cached, and is causing a conflict? Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,