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Reservation and MRP on special stock O

Dear colleagues,

Some materials are provided to service providers. This materials need to be tracked as well as they are at vendors place but financially still ours until vendor of service do not use it, which means until we do PGI from vendors stock (service provider). I have requirement to set up reservations on vendor managed stock for the purpose of PGI. How to create such reservation where I will indicate that PGI will be done from special stock O? Is there any standard way to do it? Alternatively, any suggestion how differently we can use maybe some other special stock. One of requirements is to do MRP on this special vendor stock which will be replenished from particular storage location.

Thank you,


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3 Answers

  • Nov 30, 2016 at 01:57 PM

    Not right clear what you want achieve with double reservations

    If you create a subcontract PO and you have a bill of material, then all components will get an entry is table RESB (reservations) automatically. SAP programs have the intelligence to do the goods issue for a subcontract purchase order from special stock O, there is nothing that you have to customize to have this in place.

    If you need to run MRP for the vendor location then you have to set this up as MRP area.

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    • Hi Jurgen,

      What we want is to make reservation on special stock O that will cover GI of materials to some Orders. Ideally, these reservations will be created from PM order. Then we would like to run MRP that will cover shortage from internal stock with a STO to vendors stock. Therefore, it is the idea.

      Reservation on special stock O should reserve material from vendor provided stock for particular PM order.

  • Nov 30, 2016 at 02:15 PM

    The material at a vendor (special stock O) is dedicated and will usually not be available for any other process.

    with ME2O you can monitor the stocks and requirements and can fill-up the vendor location, is just not tied to a certain PO.

    If you use ME2ON transaction then you have even a link between the PO and stock.

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    • Hi Jurgen,

      Yes, I understand that. That is why I post this question on forum, because it is not easy just to say it is subcontracting.

      Because material is provided to service vendor, material is ownership of our company and issued like companies material. We want to track it on service vendor’s premises, because these vendors are doing lot of works for us. These works are covered and should be posted on PM orders. Therefore, we want to use standard solution of reservation to cover it.

      Everything looks logical from business process logic; it is just question how to cover in SAP. It is where I need help.

  • Nov 30, 2016 at 02:42 PM

    the ownership is always by your company, the quantity is at the vendor, the value is in your books.

    If you want directly use PM orders instead of external procurement for subcontracting then it is probably better to setup the vendor site as a plant or storage location in your system and order only the service as a text item, for anything else you can then use your standard well known processes.

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