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May 17, 2010 at 09:39 AM

To clear the list of posting change notices displayed in LU04



Usually when we give UD from QM then the stock type changes from Quality to UnrestrictedUse stock at IM level.

But at WM level, the stock is reflected in 902 and 922 until we clear the items using LU04. But our client is using background job RLAUTA11 to clear the items/posting change notices related to 922.

Now the problem is the users with out using LU04 to clear the posting change notices, they used manual transfer from bin to bin (922 to physical storage type eg: YFG). Because of this, the quants were removed from the posting change notices and the posting change notices are still reflected in the LU04 report.

Can someone tell me how to clear the posting change notices from LU04 report? (There are no more quants for those items)

Thanks & Regards,

Pratap reddy