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May 15, 2010 at 11:10 PM

MI 7.1 OCA control table problem


I am having serious problems with control "table", is the stage is as follows:

1-I make a" Mobile UI Component "

2-I make to "Application" using the wizzard (next, next, next, finish)

3-I make a node in the Component controller in context with cardinality 0 .. n with 3 string attributes and map in the view context

4-I make a table view using the wizzard using the previously created node, indicating that the first attribute is of type input, the second type button and the third type textedit

5-I make a method in the Component Controller to load the node(add 100 rows,with the same corresponding value of i for the three columns) which is called in the method of the view "wdDoInit"

I run the application on the emulator / pda, and if I do not select any row and performed a vertical scroll or use the buttons "next" and "previous" framework provided by the data in my table are correct, but if I select a row and edit the contents of the input or edit text of the column and I make a scroll or use buttons the data is incorrect, add code in the method "onleadselection" in the table to see what was happening (System .Out.println ("lead selection")) and to my surprise I found that this method is executed two times, this is not right for me, is this normal?