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May 15, 2010 at 08:22 PM

Time to take a breather and provide some inputs for my prototype


Hello everyone,

I have something to share and need your thoughts and ideas. I am a grad student at California State University, Chico and currently pursuing my MBA in Management Information Systems. The MIS department (College of Business, CSU Chico) and the SAP vibe which permeates through every molecule of the department has basically driven me to pursue a career in SAP irrespective of the Industry norms, pre-requisites, politics, benefits derived from good press, monetary benefits, etcetera etcetera. By pursuing a career I mean gaining max knowledge and living life at its simplest level. Staying away from triviality in a nut shell...

I am going to summarize a model of mine which is still quite fresh and took 30 minutes of my time to be developed. I've been posting it through emails and on some private forums since October 2009. So it's on the Internet and dated (FYI).


Increase the query performance (providing specific insight) by segregated exception reporting

Involves either a dual data warehouse approach or 2 groups of DSO's (DSO approach may sound more reasonable and cost-effective though)

1) Strategic DW/DSO: will contain good data (statistical calculations will always result above break-even

2) Exception DW/DSO: will contain bad data (statistical calculations will always result below break-even

Initial Infrastructure:

1) 2 DW's or 2 groups of DSO's (Strategic and Exception)

2) Not pulled the data yet

3) Setting up a break-even based on historical data sets (Management level decision making). Once decided then include it in the extractor level intelligence level (code) so that the source data detour's into the appropriate closets (DW/objects) accordingly. Basically, greater than equal to break-even moves towards Strategic compartment and less than break-even moves into Exception compartment.

4) Querying against strategic level would give "green colored signals" always! Whereas against the exception level data objects it would give red. We now eliminate the concept of "Orange colored" exceptions. So basically we are not allowing the recipient of an orange exception state to be like, "Oh! The patient has a kidney problem, but it ain't that big a deal as of now. Let it be!" Does not make sense to me! This concept would function like a diode (1 or 0). Either we have an issue or not. period.

5) Exception and strategic InfoCubes if needed.

6) The precedence for performance enhancement techniques would now be somewhat like this:

a) BI Accelerator (In memory)

b) DSO/ DW splitting (The above concept)

c) Aggregates

d) Partitioning

Benefits from this approach:

u2022 Achieving focus towards activities which crave for focus but never used to win it (Exceptions) (On a real-time basis)

u2022 Performance enhancement (Better analysis)

u2022 Division of loads/querying into two DSO's/ warehouses

u2022 Time reduction for analysis

u2022 Addition of BIA, aggregates, partitioning would exponentially improve the performance now

Drawback and Solution:

It might be costly. But the costs could be cut down as we are using the SAP BOBJ reporting tools which definitely cuts a lot of IT jobs as per the current readings I've been doing. Along with that I also propose that a firmu2019s profitability will definitely increase with an increase in focus. The excess costs should definitely get compromised by an increase in profitability due to this approach.

Furthermore, my lack of knowledge might have been at play while creating this model so please don't be like "huh! r u kidding me boi?" I know I might be stupendously mistaken but there's nothing at stake.

The End

I am not a hardcore techie as I have not yet smelled the industry a.k.a my hands ain't greasy with SAP yet so please don't complicate things by explaining a code to me...Please make it layman specific so that knowledge diffuses well into the environment around us..Remember we are not living/breathing to show our skills but to share them...

I am just passionate about life and knowledge acquisition. And I am willing to shed my sweat, blood and tears for it without having an iota of fear to go wrong!

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Thussu

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