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May 14, 2010 at 02:52 PM

File Monitoring


I am setting up the "File Monitoring" in the Solution Manager. I am having STA/PI01L_CRM570 on the Solution Manager.

And on the Satelite System - ECC I have STA/PI 01L_ECC600

While I am setting up the parameters, I am supposed to provide the file path in "Detail Information" tab page.

But I am just able to see two tabs:

Count and Short Text (optional).

I checked all the other tab but not able to locate where I need to provide the file path.

Can any one let me know, If I am missing anything or do I need to do any further steps.

The Extract from the Solution Manager Help:


To set up the File Monitor, access to the folder containing the file to be monitored is required in the system in which the collector is executed (the system assigned to a business process step or interface).

To test whether the collector can access the folder, you can check if the target folder and files are visible in transaction AL11.

For additional information regarding required authorization and some technical details please refer to SAP Note 1267908 (


To monitor whether the file is identified successfully, the following information must be entered on the "Detail Information" tab page:

File Path (Mandatory):

Enter the exact file path for the folder containing the file, followed by a forward slash (/) or backslash (\) depending on the OS.

Example: "/usr/sap/MM1/ (for Unix)" or "D:\USR\SAP\SMM\DVEBMGS00\DATA" (for Windows)

Note: This field is limited to 60 characters.

Pls let me know.