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x64 platform Crystal Report Viewer Data Filtering with parameters are miss reporting

we are working on migrating from an x86 application to x64 and using the new CR Viewer reports that are not built on a Stored Procedure will not correctly report data. The report starts to generate - you are presented with your Data Parameter option and it is selected, however, the output is not actually filtered, it continues to run for the entire dataset as defined in the report. Reports that are just built using a direct table design are the only ones displaying the weird behavior

The same reports run fine directly in crystal designer and also generate correctly if run on the older x86 platform

We are running CR runtime engine .Net Framework v13.0.23.2819

The previous version we used was CRBasic Runtime for Visual Studio 2008 v10.5.0.0

Developers are saying that this functionality may no longer be supported?? I find that hard to believe....Anyone aware of this being true?? Their solution is to take and rewrite all of our custom reports to support their deployment model as they have not been able to find a solution to the issue....

Any insights on this would be appreciated!

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    Posted on Jan 21, 2019 at 06:55 PM

    Hi Brian,

    Not clear what you are doing in the app. One thing to check though is the Viewers property to use ReuseParametersOnRefresh.

    What Developer is saying it's not longer available, what ever it is they are referring to?

    Basic Parameter API's have not changed, when to set them did though, for CR Parameters you set log on info first than the parameters.

    And there is no difference between x86 and x64 parameter API's so it may be due to something else like your data source, if it doesn't support 64 bits then it will fail to connect and thus fail to use the updated parameter values you are setting in code.

    Need to know what your DB is, how you are connecting, ODBC, OLE DB or Native or???


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    • Don,

      Thanks for the insight. All of the reports will generate fine in the Crystal Designer and in the current live version of our app using the x86 (32bit) version of the viewer as outlined originally.

      Everything seems to connect correctly - just any building Designer parameter prompts (date / text string etc etc) does not appear and it starts running the entire DB for data

      All of the reports are configured using an OLE DB (ADO) SQLOLEDB data source back to a SQL 2012 Server

      If we redesign all of these reports through using a stored procedure and then declare the variables through the UI they run fine.

      Development continues to say that "sideloading" a report and using the viewer to get the parameters is what is no longer supported in the x64 viewer. In other works letting the actual report drive the entire process and just use the app for distribution purposes. To me and a few others involved in this mess does not make sense. Is this not the same viewer that is utilized when through the web apps (CR server) and other 3rd party providers like Ripplestone or Reportal? So the existing functionality in 32 should also be there in the 64bit platform

  • Posted on Feb 06, 2019 at 03:41 PM

    Hi Brian,

    Not sure what their arguments are but 10.5 which is CR Basic was the version integrated into VS 2008, it's supported as long as VS 2008 is.

    CR Basic only had the Engine to process reports, CR for VS SP 24 has RAS available to do full report modification at runtime now.

    To get CR integration into VS 2010->2017 and separate runtime distribution packages go to the link above. Don't install the REDIST MSI's on their DEV PC's not required.

    It's the only CR .NET version available now.

    Lot's of new features and functions available in it compared to 10.5. RAS is an option now that allow them to do most anything to a report.

    They really should look at the 2 samples I wrote from that WIKI:


    Printing Crystal Reports in .NET

    It will give them full control of the reports and more now.


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  • Posted on Jan 29, 2019 at 11:35 PM

    Don't use that driver, update your report connection and use the MS SQL Native 11 client. That old MDAC driver isn't fully supported by newer SQL Servers.

    Not correct, maybe, they just need to debug the issue. Depending on the data source depends if you set the Parameters forst or after you log on, SP's require the parameters to be set first.

    The .NET Viewer is not robust as the old RDC viewer, but they can simply load the report using the engine and set the Viewers ReportSource to the enginereport object. They then have full control of the report and it's log on requirements.

    Maybe they just don't want to update the app....

    samples here:

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    • Don,

      We have used a couple of different drivers and none of them have seemed to be an issue thus far. We have been adapting the CR design SQL statements into stored procedures and then redesigning all of the reports that we have created for this system. We are in the process of updating all of our reports to the updated Native Client as well.

      This does seem to be a programming issue that we have taken up with the dev. team on a few occasions thus far. We were looking for some insight as to if the statements we have been given so far could be true, that the previous functionality is no longer supported by SAP, or if that was just to pawn it off on us. I will relay this discussion to them and see if they have any additional feed back on the matter. Greatly appreciate your insight on this!!