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Jan 18, 2019 at 03:34 AM

Reset database password


Hi there,

in term of policy, we need to change SA database, But when we changed, SAP can't run. It said failed contact landscape server.

Already consult to our partner, they said we need to re-install from the beginning if we want to change sa password.

is that true? honestly, I don't believe it, SAP as well-known brand must be have option to change sa password regularly, as this is one of common method to avoid security breach.

anyone, please help with complete steps after change sa password? so SAP b1 still keep running smoothly and business keep running.


already checked

but just want to make sure is there any step? based on above link, I only need 2 steps then:

- change sa password from SQL management studio

- change password from SBO Service manager

thank you.