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May 12, 2010 at 07:50 PM

How to convert (YYYY-MM-DD) to (DD-MM-YYYY)


Hi Guys,

I have one doubt on WDJ,

While exporting data into Excel Sheet having date format is showing like the format (YYYY-MM-DD).

But I need to convert into this format (DD-MM-YYYY). Can any one suggest me? How to convert (YYYY-MM-DD) to (DD-MM-YYYY)

I was written this code for getting date from ECC System and Convert to String type.

Date DelivDate = wdContext.nodePoDetails_ExcelData().getPoDetails_ExcelDataElementAt(i).getDeliv_Date();

String DelivDate1 = DelivDate.toString();

Date ShtDate = wdContext.nodePoDetails_ExcelData().getPoDetails_ExcelDataElementAt(i).getStat_Date();

String ShtDate1 = ShtDate.toString();


Date ExptShpDate = wdContext.nodePoDetails_ExcelData().getPoDetails_ExcelDataElementAt(i).getExpt_Shp_Date();

String ExptShpDate1 = ExptShpDate.toString();


Vijay Kalluri