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May 12, 2010 at 05:31 PM

What is the code for entering data in tablecontrol as in smartform....?



1.I create 2 tabs in Modulepool Programming.

2.In First Tab, I enter the data and when i click the SAVE button the data should be saved in my custom table ZDILEEP.

3.In Second Tab,I put an Tablecontrol and DISPLAY the data what i have to save in first tab and i do 3 operations as DELETE,UPDATE,ADD A RECORD.

4. I Create a button in Application Toolbar as FORM,whenever i click this button the SMARTFORM will be triggered.

5.In SmartForm, I put an TableControl and display the data and i put SUM of SALARY.

6.Now My Requirement is At run time, if i add a record or update a record that should be displayed in smartform,

without clicking the pushbuttons UPDATE,ADD A RECORD i.e. without using custom table ZDILEEP the data

should be displayed in smartform as of Tablecontrol.

where I want to write these code....? and what code i want 2 write...?

can anybody help me