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Billing without meter reading results

Nov 30, 2016 at 10:07 AM


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Hello. I have a such quastion.

I need to bill some consumer. There is two ways to bill:

1. Meter reading results are entered. In this way we have some price and multiply this with consumption. Using Rate.

2. Meter reading results are not entered. In this case we have some other algorithm. How and where should I do customizing to use this algorithm?

So I need:

IF meter reading results are entered it bills using first way.

IF meter reading results are not entered in bills using second way.

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Hi Alex,

If I understand you correctly -

when you don't have meter readings to enter you can use "Meter read estimation" and you can put your "algorithm " inside the meter read estimation code.

So by doing this you can bill both of your scenarios.

Thank you.


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SUNNY KALA Dec 05, 2016 at 03:27 AM

Billing without meter reading is you want to Bill Installation without device ! So You Need to create a fact permissible rate , manage the Fact to rate category . So you can create Order using EL01 then when you execute billing the fact permissible rate would trigger , in rate you need to use variants as per requirement. May be Reference Value of Flat charge .

Let me know if you need more details on this !

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He is talking about the same meter reading order and for the same customer. So it rules out a scenario of no device. As in a simple no device scenario, the customer will have either one water or Sewer without device ect. But if you have a scenario where you don't want the billing to fail even when there are no meter reads enetered. Than you have to change the code and maybe eneter the reads with 0 consumption throught the code to that meter reading order. or do what ever is required in this scenario as per you business requirement. What do you think ?


Or another approach can be..if no meter reads are found while rurrning the billing engine. It can update an installation fact and then we can put that rate logic in our rates. what you say ? but still if we have a register type rate, than we will need the meter reads eneterd, so we eill have to enter 0 reads to the meter reading order through the code.