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May 12, 2010 at 03:11 PM

Kernel Patch level question


The whole patch/support pack/SP stack thing confuses me to be honest.

I am trying to activate our maintenance license. Everything seems to be working correctly but I still get the message that I have no valid maintenance cert when I go into SPAM or SAINT.

I came across a note that said

"As of SPAM/SAINT 700/0032 (which is what I have) you must use SAP kernel patch 145 or higher to ensure that the installed maintenance cert can be recognized by SPAM or SAINT"

I am on kernel 701/0032. When I look under "My Company's Application Components" on the support portal all I see under 701 is patch 69 as the highest. Under 710 they list up to 196 and then under 711 they list up to patch level 80.

Do I just upgrade all the way to 711 or do I have to stay with 701?

Since neither 701 or 711 go up to patch level 145, would I have to use 710 for it to trigger the patch level requirement?

If going up to 710 or 711, do I have to install just the latest (711/0080) or do I have to load every one in sequence from 701/0032 all the way up to 711/0080?

Win2008 server with SQL2008 on 64bit machine and OS if it makes a difference.

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