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May 12, 2010 at 02:58 PM

Thank you - Our "Go Live" is going well


Hi all, --- News from Haworth in Michigan USA ---

Thanks for all your help. We had our first plant "go live" Sunday night and the system is working great. We have a small app so far. Only implemented front ends for production confirmations, and the transactions needed to move materials.

They like the new interface, much easier than ECC and better online visibility to the data they need to make things. (Raised flooring)

Our issues were mostly with, surprise, ECC data and user setups.

One technical issue with session timeouts. There is a mismatch between NetWeaver and MII timeouts that gives wierd results in the web app . Looks like MII times out first and the user still has their NetWeaver session, but it looks like MII dumped some/all of thier session data. Now that we are in production, the Basis guys are actually responding to my requests to work with our team on that issue.

So good news and I am back to my office from the plant already, just 2 days at the plant!

Thanks again,

--Amy Smith