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May 12, 2010 at 09:53 AM

JCO load balancing question


hi all,

i have a JAVA application which uses JCO(standalone not the Enterprise Portal one) to connect to SAP R/3 to fetch data from R/3 using single RFC function module. Now i just wanted to know about perforamce of this application. say If i have some 5000 users connecting to this appplication at same time and all these 5000 users connect to this application using 5000 diff. SAP dialog user IDs. Now in this case there would be 5000 RFC connections opened same time in R/3 and all accessing the same RFC funtion module.

Now my question is how many con-current RFC connections can be opened on sap R/3(or sap WAS). my client is on ECC 6.0. here i m assuming that 1 JCO connection from JAVA app. = 1 RFC connection in SAP R/3(WAS)..ALso what other parameter i need to consider for performance tunning of this application?? the JAVA application is hosted on some WAS(like Apache,Glassfish,websphere etc) not on SAP's WAS..

thanks all GURUs in advance.