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May 12, 2010 at 09:13 AM

Single IDOC to multiple files


Hi All,

Im working on a IDOC to multiple files scenario.

There is a single IDOC WP_PLU03 that is triggered as a batch job every night . So there is 1 outbound interface (IDOC)

There are 2 types of stores (Premium stores and Regular). So if the Store number in IDOC (SNDPRN) is 101 or 102 then the Premium Store inbound interface(MI_PREMIUM_IB) should be called and filename should be prem.00611 or premium.00612 . And if any other Store number it should call regular store inbound interface(MI_REGULAR_IB) and file name should be regpluXXXXX.txt where XXXXX is store number . So there are 2 inbound interfaces .

Apart from this i have 2 questions -

1. In extended interface determination, I do not have the condition editor . How do I configure that for SNDPRN = 101 or 102 it should call (MI_PREMIUM_IB) and for others it should call (MI_REGULAR_IB)

2. Will I have 2 receiver communication channels, since I have 2 inbound interfaces?


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