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May 12, 2010 at 07:29 AM

EVDRE Format Range Criteria and &rdquor


Experts - A few questions and request for clarifications on Syntax for EVDRE Formatting.

Has anyone compiled a complete list of "Criteria" that may be used in the Format Range section of an EVDRE report? The help file lists a few "Examples" but doesn't go so far as to finish the job and provide a complete list. For example, I have entered the word "Formula" in the criteria, and it will apply formatting to any cells that have a formula in it in an static EVDRE - but I haven't seen anywhere in the Helpfile that this is a valid criteria! Has anyone else found any others that work??

The helpfile lists four "Examples" of Criteria you can use for EVDRE Formatting. One of the examples it lists is:

{}= ”u201D

What does "&rdquor" mean - is this just a typo or does this mean something?

Further down in the helpfile it shows this syntax which makes more sense: Account.ACCTYPE="INC". Then in an example it uses "LOCKED" as a Criteria as well.

So to compile, it appears that the following are suitable "Criteria" for EVDRE Formatting:





[Dimension].[Property]=[value] Example: Account.ACCTYPE="INC".


Does anyone have any others to add?