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May 12, 2010 at 07:18 AM

Wage Type Proration


I created a wage type with a 1 in PCL10. This wage type should prorate. Its not captured in any infotype it is just calculated in the system. The wage type is supposed to prorate but if I put a 1(Cut with Factor /801) in processing class 10.

This wage type is calculated from the cost to company. Its a percentage of the cost to company. And its only paid out in certain org units. so if an employee is hired in one of the org units then he should automatically get the wage type. if he leaves the org unit then the wage type will be stopped automatically.

So had to write a function that links the wage type to a table with the org units and the calculation of the percentage to cost to company are done in the function.

The function gets the constant from T511k with the percentage of cost to company(ctc)

Checks if the Org Unit is valid for the current Payroll Period running for

then Gets the CTC for current Payroll Period

then Calculates amount & add Wage Type to Payroll results

If Org Unit is not valid for current Payroll Period

then make sure Wage Type is deleted if it exists in Payroll results

Thats what this function does.

The amt of the wage type is a 10% of the employee's cost to company. so the calculations are done in the function

I put the function %NMTS after proration in the schema but the wage type is not prorating even if PCL10 is set to 1. I hired an employee during the month and the wage type is not prorating

Can someone help me on How to put proration in the function?