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May 12, 2010 at 06:47 AM

Posting Error in TBB1


I have configured new company code in CFM,

When i am posting through TBB1, system throwing the following error message.

No postings can be made to profit center 1001 in company code 0565

Message no. KM183


Profit center 1001 cannot receive postings in company code 0565.

System response

The posting was canceled.


If you want to post to profit center 1001 in company code 0565, this company code must be activated for profit center 1001 in master data maintenance, on the tab page Company code.

You should also carry out the transaction Change Profit Center.

profit center 1001 related to other company code, for this company i have to give another profit center. where i have to assign this profit center setting

I suspect that somewhere profit center 1001 assign the default profit center at company code level?

can anybody give me path for the above setting.

thanks in advance