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May 12, 2010 at 05:28 AM

Contract release and cancellation through ME35K


Hi People,

Q1. I have created a Contract through ME31k and when trying to release the contract through ME35K i give the release code and it says "NO SUITABLE DOCUMENTS FOUND" howeven when i used ME35 and give the release code i am able to release the contract

I would like to know why i am getting the message when using ME35K and why is that i abel to release it through ME35

Q2. Based on the contract i created a release order now i go ahead and cancel the release through ME35 and the system is allowing (Though the release order is not set for deletion)

I would like to know as there is a subsequent document created for the contract and is active (Release Order) should i be able to cancel the release w/o cancelling the release order?

Please provide me some inputs for the above questions ASAP