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May 11, 2010 at 09:22 PM

Embedding images into connector.


I've created a custom component that will pop-up to display errors when my connector has problems. After working around some styling limitations within the SDK, I've managed to get everything laid out and working great. Now I'm at the last hurtle.

I've embedded images that will be displayed. For example, an image to represent an error. Now during debugging in Flex Builder, obviously, the image displays. I compile and package up my component and head off to Xcelsius. Now this is when it gets weird.

I'm using Xcelsius Enterprise, Build No. 12,3,0,670

I add in my connector to a dashboard, and then press "Preview" (no configuration needed, as i just display a test message for now).

The dashboard comes up, the test message is displayed, but no image is present.

Now i click on "Preview" again to get back into the designer. Then i press preview again without making any other clicks or changes to the dashboard. Now i'm presented with a dashboard, the message pops up, and my image is clearly visible.

The image is consistently not displayed on the very first preview of the dashboard. And it's consistently displayed in the second and any future previews of the dashboard.