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Jan 17, 2019 at 07:45 AM

Open PM order & task list


Hi All,

We are in process of changing maintenance plant,planning plant code as well as company code .
There are almost 2k open PM order that need to be migrated from old org. unit (old maint.plant
code ) to new maint.plant code . System is allowing to change the maint.plant code but not planning
plant code from IW32 t-code . How can we change planning plant code ? Another point is even though
we are able to change maint. plant code but same is not reflecting on table AUFK . Old maintenance
plant code is displaying on table AUFK . Similar is the case with task list wherein there is no option
available to change plant.

Please let me know how can we migrate open PM order & task list to new org. unit ?

Thanking you in advance .