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May 11, 2010 at 08:32 PM

Production Order with incorrect unit cost


Hi all,

I have a material in production order of type PP04 which is giving me issues. The order is received in and the cost is showed when you goto CO03/ Goto/Cost/Analysis. It shows the Finished Goods and BOM cost. Recently, the finished goods is calculated with a high unit cost like $23 per lb at receiving when it should be $8 per lb. In the sales order, this material is cost at $6.50 per lb. The unit cost is based on moving avg price of the material. I cannot find what is causing the issue ? The prd order is received, BOM issues out and the settlement cost is run.

Can you anyone pls explain this to me ? I am puzzled by the high unit cost of the finished goods.

Appreciate any feedback, pls....