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May 11, 2010 at 02:56 PM

Reg: Organizational Level Customizations


Hello Solman Security guys,

I Need info on Organization level customizations for "Project_id " and "Roadmap" fields.

we have only production systems of SAP EHP 1 for SAP Solution Manager 7.0.

basis guys already using this for MOPZ and for other functionalities, but now we are more focusing on the coming 2 new projects.

projects are in just started so my role is to Create roles for project users and assign to them.

Scenario: we are going to implement "project-ABC " and "project-XYZ" .

project-ABC is going to implemented by one consulting company "ABC"

project-XYZ is going to be implemented by another consulting company "XYZ"

i want to create org level customizations for fields "Project_ID" and "Roadmap" for controlling authrizations.

going to Create a Master role and DERIVEROLE1, DERIVEROLE2 .

DERIVEROLE1 is going to assign to "ABC" Consulting company

DERIVEROLE2 is going to assign to "XYZ" Consulting company .

for confidentiaity purpose, i just want to make sure the "project-ABC" which is going to be implemented by consulting company "ABC", they are not allowed to see the project data and configurations of "Project-XYZ" same as vice virsa.

i know if i create orglevel, i need to manually adjust authorization data for roles, but in my case only basis people are using system, so i will manually adjust basis roles.

Question: 1) there is already customization values for field " Project_ID", and "ROADMAP" , if i create org level do these values are going to be deleted or not ? I heard sap default values are going to be deleted ? i am not sure.

Question 2) do i need to consider any other fields also to make org level in order to acheive my goal as i discussed above.

Question 3) can i get link for solution manager secutiy guide.

Please do let me know info,

Thanks folks.