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Jan 16, 2019 at 08:00 PM

Loading Zero-Value Data into EPM Applications


Need to load zero-value records from BW source to EPM app, AND copy these zero-value records to another EPM app. After implementing Note 1874809 (setting Environment parameter DM_WRITE_ZERO_DATA to '1'), we successfully load zero-value data from BW source to EPM app #1. But, when trying to copy the same zero-value data to EPM app #2, the data is not copied.

We are executing /CPMB/DEFAULT_FORMULAS_LOGIC and using RUNLOGIC_PH to copy records between the two applications. We are using the logic script because we need to transform YTD data in app #1 to periodic data in app #2.

Is this (copying zero-value data from one EPM app to another) just not allowed ? Or, is the logic script causing the problem somehow.

Appreciate any feedback, advice.