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May 11, 2010 at 11:08 AM

T code 'IP10' - due package want to display in notficaton (IW21) short text


Dear Experts,

In IP10 t code we call the schedulecalls, for every call it creats one notificaton (IW21) in background. I want to pass the 'Due Packages' value to the Notification short text from IP10 t code when schedule is called. for this i use the QQMA0025 Exit . in that i write the code to get the package from T351 table. for this i wrte the blow code

SELECT SINGLE warpl abnum zaehl strat FROM vimhis INTO wa_vimhis WHERE warpl = i_viqmel-warpl

AND abnum = i_viqmel-abnum.

SELECT SINGLE spras strat paket kzyk1 FROM t351x INTO wa_t351x WHERE spras = sy-langu

AND strat = wa_vimhis-strat

AND paket = wa_vimhis-zaehl.

But, in some cases the first call of maintenance plan is creating defaultly. at that time i am unable to get data from VIMHIS.

How can i get package value at runtime.