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May 11, 2010 at 10:09 AM

MakeDim task


Hello Guys,

I have a question regarding the make_dim task...

At 2 customers I have seen the same behaviour and I was hoping that someone knows how to resolve this.

So I've created a packge that will update the dimension. Everything goeswell. All tables are updated in SQL. dimDimension & mbrDimension.

The only thing that sometimes is not working, is that the package will not update the .dim & .xml files on the server.

So when you look at the time of modifcation, you will see, that these files are still old files.

Of ofcourse when the users will logon into BPC, they will download these old files from the server, and they will

not see the newly added dimension members.

The only way to recreate these

files stored in the "system files" folder on the bpc appserver, it to manually process the dimension.

Does anyone have the same issue? Or even better a solution? Maybe this is SP related, or maybe the server

was upgraded and the DLL files for the custome SSIS tasks were not updated.

Thanks for your input!

Kind regards,