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May 11, 2010 at 09:39 AM

SALV How to activate DIRECTLY button subtotal u03A3/u03A3 ?



I would like the button u03A3/u03A3 displayed directly just besides the button "Total' u03A3

I copied standard gui status SALV_TABLE_STANDARD from standard function group SALV_METADATA_STATUS .

The function "subtotal" is there foreseen.

Then I apply this gui status to my program by calling method :

  • Put the standard buttons on the application toolbar :

call method o_table->set_screen_status


report = sy-repid

pfstatus = c_pfstatus

set_functions = o_table->c_functions_default.

but even if I use o_table->c_functions_all, all the functions doesn't appear on the screen 😔 and the one I want to activate is the subtotal is one of them...)

Do you know how I can activate it ?

Thanks for your help ...

Here the standard documentation from class CL_SALV_FUNCTIONS_LIST :

Activate All Subtotal Group Functions


The user finds the functions for subtotals by default as a pushbutton (Subtotals) and in the Settings menu (Define totals drilldown).


The user can only use the Subtotals function if he or she has first executed the Totals function over an aggregatable column. Ensure that you have also activated the Totals function.

You have the following options for making subtotals functions available:

You use the SET_GROUP_SUBTOTALS method to add all functions simultaneously.

You use one or more of the following methods to activate the corresponding functions individually: