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May 11, 2010 at 07:47 AM

Internal Warehouse replenishment for HU managed Warehouse


In HU managed WM, when weu2019re picking last remaining qty from a source HU, the source HU becomes destination HU as SAP standard. This is a problem when destination storage type canu2019t allow the SUT of source HU and it fails.

e.g. if the source SUT is a full pallet and weu2019re replenishing a storage type which can keep up to a half pallet, system will propose the full pallet SU as destination SU and fails as full pallet is not allowed in half pallet storage bins.

How to achieve this? Probable solutions :-

1. Change LETYP(SU Type) manually during TO creation. It will allow TO creation then. But we didnt find any user exit to achieve this during TO creation.

2. Even if we assign a different destination HU ( destination HU supports SU type of destiantion st type) than source HU manually,

SAP gives us error. Error msg - "SU type is not allowed in Storage type". It doesnt allow TO creation. Can we overcome this someway by some exit?

Let me know if any one of you find any other solution to achieve this.

Best Regards