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May 11, 2010 at 03:46 AM

Selection screen range


Hi Folks,

In my selection screen iam selecting range of posting period(YYYYMM).i want to fetch the document no(belnr) from bkpf, in bkpf v dnt have posting period field so v have to take year in gjahr and month in for year and month im taking range tables and the my code is as follows..


IF NOT s_period[] IS INITIAL.

LOOP AT s_period.


r_gjahr-sign = s_period-sign.

r_gjahr-option = s_period-option.

r_gjahr-low = s_period-low+0(4).

r_gjahr-high = s_period-high+0(4).

APPEND r_gjahr. CLEAR r_gjahr.

  • Month

r_monat-sign = s_period-sign.

r_monat-option = s_period-option.

r_monat-low = s_period-low+4(2).

r_monat-high = s_period-high+4(2).

APPEND r_monat. CLEAR r_monat.

CLEAR s_period.



  • Get the Accounting Doc

SELECT belnr FROM bkpf INTO TABLE gt_bkpf WHERE bukrs = p_bukrs AND

gjahr IN r_gjahr AND

monat IN r_monat.


but i want as for example in selection screen if 200904 201002

it has to fetch the document numbers between apr01 2009 to feb 28 2010.

how can i achieve this please give some inputs <removed by moderator>


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