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May 10, 2010 at 05:47 PM

TLB Issues



We have the following issues when publishing TLB orders from APO to R/3. Would really appreciate if anyone has insights regarding these issues:

1) When the TLB order (78* number) was published from APO from the interactive TLB screen, it goes to R/3 and comes back with a PO number (4* number). Most of the times, the 4* number replaces the 78* number which is good, but in some cases, in the TLB view of the planning book, the 4* number does not replace the original 78* number in APO. So, this leads to duplicate orders in APO. Has anyone seen this issue before or any suggestions for resolution?

2) When the TLB order was published from APO from the interactive TLB screen, the order fails in the R/3 inbound with the following error. The config for the specific plant for this document type has been maintained in T161W table for the corresponding plant for purchasing document category F, which corresponds to a purchase order. Really appreciate any help regarding these issues. Thanks.

Document type UB not allowed with doc. category B (Please check input)

Message no. ME013


The document type UB you entered is not allowed in combination with the document category B.

The combination of document type and document category entered cannot be used because it has not been defined in Customizing for Purchasing.

The following (internal) document categories exist:

B - purchase requisition

F - purchase order (PO)

K - contract

L - scheduling agreement

A - request for quotation (RFQ)