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May 10, 2010 at 04:26 PM

How to handle 'ENTER' Key on ALV Editable Grid on sub screen (Tabstrips)


Hello Experts ,

I have 2 questions with ALV Editable grid;

please help me if you have answers.

I created ALV grid on one of sub screens on a Tab Strip,

As soon as user types one of the columns of the ALV grid and press u2018ENTERu2019 key, it has to return corresponding details for that line.

I tried to implement this logic in ALV grid event u2018handle_data_changedu2019, but ALV internal table is not getting populated with new entry entered in the grid. but u2018double_clicku2019 event working my purpose, but user might need enter key.

and I thought I would do implement that logic in PAI event of the sub screen, u2018ENTERu2019 key not getting trigger on PAI event of the screen until cursor is on grid.

Another question 2: How do I control and not to be deleted a line on the grid (based on validation), where do I validate and by pass the delete function for a particular line, or suggest me to gray out only one line on the grid .

I would like to have delete function to work as it is ,except for some validations..

Can I implement using PAI event of the sub screen or any by ALV event.

Please suggest me..

Edited by: Ravindranath Arusam on May 13, 2010 2:42 PM