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May 10, 2010 at 02:41 PM

Movement of NonInventoried Materials within SAP


Hello - We are trying to figure out a solution for the following scenario. We have a major project and use the project system to create the WBS. We order and receive goods to the project (acct assgn code P). We do this so that the project managers can see the committed costs against their budget. Some of the items purchased have long lead times - six months. The items are received at a central location before they are shipped offshore. The goods receipt is generated AGAINST THE PROJECT. The items never hit inventory. OK - now the problem.

Sometime after the goods have been received (next day, next week, or next month), the items have to be shipped offshore to their destination. How can we do the following, given the business process described above?

1. Create shipping documents - currently we create shipping documents when a transfer is performed. See #2.

2. Perform a goods movement transfer (two-step) within SAP when the items are not in inventory - remember, they were charged off to a project.

3. Keep the committed costs and/or the actual costs at the project regardless of how the materials are handled

We've looked at using project stock. The problem with that is that, in order to do the transfers, the goods would have to be moved out of project stock and into inventory to accomplish this. When that happens, the project costs are credited and inventory is debited.

Any ideas? This is a challenge!

Thank you