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May 10, 2010 at 11:55 AM

Distributed installations doubts


I have a couple of doubts pertaining to installations & will be grateful if one can help me understand...

1. I believe that 64 bit sap NW 7.0 cannot be installed on 32 bit database but 32 bit SAP NW 2004 can be installed on 64 bit database. please confirm if that is right.

2. As of now, does SAP support adding Java stack on existing ABAP based CI (say ECC6) ? How about adding it on a DI ? I heard that from SAP 2004s, Java Add-in option is being disabled. Is the concept of Java Add-in getting submerged ? i.e. Java is must for almost all servers ?

3. Do the ABAP and JAVA stack for same instance need to reside on the same server; if not, how can I separate them ?

4. Is there any place (link) where I can understand more on Java Schemas (Database schema) as to

a. Why is a separate schema required ?

b. When you create a purchase order through Java... the data will be stored in Oracle in same tables... how does the communication between different components take place ?

c. is it true that java schema only exists for operation of java stack i.e. establishing connection with database, checking for user/password. Any business activity like creating purchase order from java (IE) is passed onto the ABAP ? Can you please explain this communication ?