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Nov 30, 2016 at 08:47 AM



Hi - I am facing an issue when I execute /POSDW/PIPEDISPATCHER for a range of posting dates for overshort calculation. The program works perfectly fine with I enter only a single date and overshort amount gets calculated. However when a range of dates are provided, I get the error - Verify totals, sales and financial transaction for duplicates in store

I have checked that there are no duplicates for the data I am processing. On debugging this issue, found out that the issue happens only when more than 1 entry for a given date is fetched from table /POSDW/STTSDAY. I observe that for a given store, sometimes the businessdaydate is different from the begin date. In this situation, when read transaction is processed in the code, it fetches data for all the previous processed date along with the current date being processed, results in duplicates and gives the above error.