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May 10, 2010 at 09:45 AM

How to get system information from SAP BexAnalyzer 7.0 with VBA


Hi community,

does anyone know how to get SAP System Informations with VBA in Excel from the BEx Analyzer 7.0.

We try to get the used language with VBA after a user login in the SAP BexAnalyzer and we did not find a solution.

Between the login every user has to insert "de" (german) or "en" (english) to get the master data in the correct language and we need this language information in VBA for a special coding.

We try to use the BEx connection object, but it is empty when a user logged in over the standard SAP way (over the Bex Analyzer), it only works when we log into the SAP System with VBA (then the connection object is filled with data).