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May 10, 2010 at 09:37 AM

WCF Service


I've created a WCF Service which connects to SAP B1 with SAPbobsCOM DIAPI. The service successfully authenticates the SAP user, allowing that user to modify/add data within SAP - so it all appeared to be working as expected.

However, when I browse to the webpage which consumes the service from a different client on the network, the previous connection still exists between the WCF Service and the DIAPI. This means that this second user doesn't need to authenticate, and can use someone else's credentials. So, once a connection has been made between the service and the DIAPI, it remains active for everyone.

I can only find sample code for webservices, rather than WCF services. Please can someone tell me how to create a WCF service so that each user is identified in SAP with their own credentials.

Can this only be achieved by disconnecting the user after each request?

I hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance.