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May 10, 2010 at 09:37 AM

Copy Control for creating return order with reference to sales order


Hi I have two scnarios where a custom field must be copied :

1)Creating return order WRT invoice

2)Creating return order WRT sales order

In the first case the field is copying and the copy control uses subroutine 953 for ZFA(Invoice)=>ZRE(Return order).

In the second case the field is not copied and the copy control subroutine was 151 for ZOR(Sales order)=>ZRE(return ordre).

To resolve this my fucntional has replaced the subroutine 151 with 953.and now the ssytem is giving some error sales area 102 50 is not allowed (message V1316).

Now my question here is that

1)can the same subroutine be used in both the cases?

2)Does keeping the same subroutine 151 and making some changes in it(copying the field) suffice?

3)Are thses subroutine defined per process(like or=>re) etc..

Awaiting an early repy..