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May 10, 2010 at 09:17 AM

B1i scenario: from B1 2007 to B1 2007


We need to integrate two Sap Business One systems. The scope is to transfer Business partners from a SAP B1 to to a second B1 system. So we have implement with B1i the landscape scenario and the next 3 step:

1. Generate BizPackage to manage data from B1 2007 to B1 2007

2. Create a BiU to manage the object type "2" Business partners

3. Set the 'Event Sender "for the source system B1

When we update a BP in B1 source system, the change request event is properly generated in B1i. into iAPP Explorer -> Monitors -> B1 Event Monitor we can see the event generated, but it is in the FILTERED section and this not trigger any conversion and transmission to the destination system B1.

do you have some suggestion?