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Former Member
May 10, 2010 at 09:01 AM

BPC 7M - System.Exception when we process a dimension


Hi BPC gurus,

We have implemented a planning model and also build several input schedules to save actual and planning data.

The model was build with two years available 2010 (actual and budget) and 2011 (budget) in "Time" dimension and we have load data for these years.

After that we wanted to load data for 2006-2009 (historic: actual and budget) so we went to BPC Admin to add these years in "Time" dimension. After that we include these years we found the following 2 errors message when we try to process the dimension:

- Window error message 1(translated from spanish):

"Object reference not established as an object instance"

- Window error message 2(translated from spanish):

"A System.Exception has been initiated "

Since then, we cannot process this dimension so the new dimension members are not available in the client side.

Have you ever seen this case? Anybodoy has the solution or a way to solve it?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,