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May 10, 2010 at 07:11 AM

Document Splitting


Hello to everyone,

Item category 30000 is missing (obligatory in accounting transaction 1000/Z001)

Message no. GLT2002


The online document splitting is active in your system. Here, each document is assigned to a accounting transaction variant and each document row to an item category.

You determine for each business transaction variant which item categories can or must be posted here.

The following error occurred for the document you entered:

Item category 30000 could not be derived from a document line item. This item category is however defined as obligatory in accounting transaction 1000, variant Z001.

System Response

The document cannot be posted.


Check the document entered, the derivation of the business transaction variant, the derivation of the item category, and the assignment of the item categories to the business transaction variant.

Any idea??

Many thanx