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May 10, 2010 at 06:54 AM

Address iView Field Labels


When entering new data in to the ESS Addresses iView the field labels are changing/transposing, so for instance when editing Mailing Address has changed to Emergency Address.

I have checked table VV_T591A_0006___AL0 and made the appropriate settings in V_T7XSSPERSUBTYP to match the time constraints,

So for the table VV_T591A_0006___AL0 reads

Permanent residence 1

Emergency address 3

Mailing address 2


13 0006 1 A1

13 0006 4 A6

13 0006 5 A2

We are using the UK Address Page and iView as these match IT0006 Addresses as in Table V_T588M. Therefore made changes in the Reuse Country-Specific Applications

Assign Screen Structure to Infotype Versions

Determine Active Subtypes and Make Settings

Define Country-Specific Applications

As we are in Australia the user parameters are set to UGR 13 MOL 13.

I have also referred to note SAP Note 965324 - Multiple data record and Date Handling enhancements

I have carried out UI on the Address iView as well not sure if this affects the behaviours?